media pollution


I call this collage TV vs Radio.  On the left side in Spanish, it says if MEDIA ARE YOURS, WALLS ARE OURS in ref to graffiters. If TV is empty time as it says (Tiempo vacio) the head questions: Use it!? (Usala!?) … On the right: Fuck the fluor and tv set in the garbage tin. I find here and there images and words (always in public spaces) to tell little stories. This one refers to media, communication… in half black and half white as nothing is so clear.


8 thoughts on “media pollution

  1. Thank you! yes sometimes many things come up my mind looking at my graffiti collection to make a collage. This one tries to make a statement against tv, radio… main message being in Spanish though.


  2. Thank you, I do appreciate your comment, although I never thought it could be seen abstracted. We never know in advance how people will receive what you post. That is the fun of it!


  3. Thanks ! it is funny to see that if I post a collage by itself, it receives or not appreciation, but if I put one corresponding to a challenge then it is seen a very different way !


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